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Mardi Gras

Current  Mardi Gras Ball King & Queen

mardi gras pic 1.jpg


Darnell 7a.jpg
Brother Darnell Ozenne
Unit: 139
Elsa 1 done.jpg
Lady Elsa Phillips
Unit: 231

History of our Mardi Gras Ball

  Beginning in the early 1960’s, our founding members planned different activities to raise money to purchase a building for our metropolitan Houston Clavers to use for meetings and socializing. 


     The HICC Mardi Gras Ball was one of the first major activities established as a social gathering and fundraiser for the Houston Inter-City Councils and Courts to continue serving the community with charitable works. It became an annual Creole tradition for the Houston area KPC Councils and Courts to celebrate Mardi Gras with a ball, which included crowning a Queen and later crowing a King and Queen, along with a full Court of representatives from the surrounding subordinate Councils and Courts.

  The first Ball was held over 20 years ago and has grown into what it has become today. 

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